• What happens if I dont turn off streaming before switching off the Mini Microphone

    If you dont stop streaming, then when the Mini Microphone is turned off, the CP900 sound processor will keep searching for a signal from the Mini Microphone for the next 5 minutes. Apart from using up a little extra CP900 battery charge, the main problem is that the CP900 will *remain in the mixing ratio set for accessories*. In other words, if you have a 100% mixing ratio set, then when you turn off the Mini Microphone, you will then hear *NOTHING* from your CP900 microphone for the next 5 minutes.

    This scenario would be obvious to you as a recipient, but it is not so obvious if the mixing ratio is set to 2:1. This is because you may not realise that you are only receiving stimulation at half the volume that you should be, for 5 minutes.

    (on) Parents of recipients dont need to worry about this if their childs mixing ratio is set to the default (for paediatrics) of 1:1.

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