• No Sound with a Dynamic FM receiver

    Sound Processor troubleshooting:

    - Check batteries

    - Check connections

    - Check Sound Processor microphones

    - Make sure telecoil is inserted if you are using a neck loop receiver

    - Replace interface that connects to FM receiver (Euro plug, cables etc)

    FM receiver troubleshooting:

    - Check battery (if appropriate)

    - Ensure within operating range

    - Check connection of device

    - Plug the FM receiver into an amplifier speaker and speak into the transmitter microphone. The FM receiver should work by itself.

    - Check to see that the receiver and transmitter are set to the same channel

    - Check settings (e.g. volume) are correct

    FM transmitter troubleshooting:

    - Check connections

    - Check position of microphone

    - Check microphone is not muted

    - Check battery

    - Ensure within operating range

    - Check synchronisation channel

    - Change channels and resynchronise

    - Check settings are correct

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