• How do I connect an audio accessory cable to my CP810 / CP900 Sound Processor?

    • Lift the accessory socket cover of your Sound Processor with a screwdriver.
    • If using a CP800 / CP900 Series accessory, plug the audio accessory into the accessory socket of your processor.
    • If using a Freedom™ audio accessory such as an FM cable or monitor earphones, first connect the Freedom audio accessory into the Freedom accessory adaptor, and then plug the Freedom accessory adaptor into the accessory socket of your processor.
    • In both cases, your processor will automatically detect the accessory attached and switch to using the accessory inputs.
    • When an audio accessory is connected to the processor, the LED indictor light will blink and/or the accessory icon will appear on the CR110 / CR230 Remote Assistant screen.
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