• What is the Lapel Microphone cable and when do I use it?

    The Lapel Microphone is recommended to enhance a recipients hearing performance in noisy environments or during meetings by selecting the sounds closest to the audio source and directing those sounds directly to the processor.

    The Lapel Microphone can also be used for troubleshooting issues that may appear with the microphones on the Sound Processor. If no sound is coming through the processor when used without accessories and the telecoil is off but sound comes through when using the Lapel Microphone, there could potentially be an issue with the microphone or microphone protectors on the processor.

    The Lapel Microphone can also be used by parents (or carers) to speak to their child when the child is in the early stages of rehabilitation, or in the process of learning to speak. The parent or carer can talk in the microphone to ensure the sound is properly heard by the child.

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