• Water/Swimming Accessory - Aqua+

    *Only available for Kanso Sound Processor

    What is the Aqua+ for Kanso?

    The Cochlear Aqua+ for Kanso™ is a re-usable sealable cover that keeps your Cochlear Kanso Sound Processor (model number: CP950) dry during use in or around water (e.g. when swimming, surfing, or just having fun splashing around). It is worn on your implant with your sound processor sealed inside. The Aqua+ is intended for use by recipients using the Kanso Sound Processor with specific disposable batteries.

    The Cochlear Headband is a retention option that holds Aqua+ more securely on your head. The Nucleus Safety Line is a retention option to help prevent accidental loss of your Aqua+ by securing it to your clothing with a snap-lock clip.

    *Aqua+ can be used at depths of up to 3 metres for up to 2 hours. Aqua+ can be re-used up to 50 times, but this may vary depending on your particular use of it.

    How to Use

    If you use a Safety Line, remove it from your sound processor (see your sound processor’s user guide for instructions).

    Change your zinc air batteries to a battery type that can be used with Aqua+ (see your sound processor’s user guide for instructions on changing batteries). Open the Aqua+ housing. Put your fingers under the top cover’s side tabs and press your thumbs on the raised sides of the base. CAUTION Don’t damage the soft top cover with your fingernails. TIP You can gently bend the Aqua+ side tabs towards you, and press alternately on the left then right side until the base pops out. Place your sound processor button side up in the Aqua+ base unit.


    • Your Aqua+ is shaped so your processor only fits in one way.
    • If you use a Cochlear SoftWear™ pad, you can leave it on the processor.

    Put the Aqua+ top cover on the base unit (line up the button shape on the top cover with the button on your sound processor). TIP Make sure you don’t trap too much air in the top cover. This may affect sound quality and comfort.

    Turn the Aqua+ over and firmly press around the edges until the base is flush with the top cover. CAUTION Make sure your Aqua+ is properly sealed, so water doesn’t leak in and damage your sound processor. If you’re worried about losing Aqua+ (e.g. in the surf), use the Safety Line to attach it to your clothing

    Place the Aqua+ on your implant as normal, making sure the button/light are facing up.

    Use a retention aid (such as goggles as shown here, or the Headband) to keep Aqua+ on your implant. IMPORTANT Make sure your sound processor is still in the correct position on your implant

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