• Pairing of Phone Clip

      1. Turn on your Phone Clip, the LED on top of the Phone Clip will flash green when it is turned on.
      2. Remove the silver cover from the base of the Phone Clip by sliding it downwards.
      3. Use a pen to press the white pairing button the back of your phone clip, you now have 20 seconds to turn on your processor/s in order to pair it with the Phone Clip.

    (If you use a compatible GN Resound Hearing Aid on the other side, pair the hearing aid first and then the Cochlear sound processor in the same 20 second pairing window)

    1. Turn on your sound processor/s. It will briefly flash blue to tell you pairing has been successful.
    2. Pair your mobile phone to the Phone Clip. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile phone.
    3. Press the blue pairing button on the back of the Phone Clip. The LED on the top of Phone Clip will light blue for 2 minutes,

    while this light is blue you need pair the Phone Clip with your mobile phone.

    1. On your mobile phone, select the hearing aid phone from the list of Bluetooth devices.
    2. Replace the silver cover on the base of the Phone Clip.

    Now you can use your Phone Clip and stream straight away.

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