• Refit Request via Baha App

    • If you are pairing bilateral sound processors, only one name will appear together with ‘R + L’ on the iPhone. If the processors were fitted in separate sessions (not together on the same day / time) then the iPhone may only detect one processor, and therefore the Smart app will only detect one sound processor. For the iPhone and the Smart app to work with both sound processors at the same time, both sound processors need to be hooked up to the clinicians software at the same time.

    If you Sound Processor has been sent inform repair where you will loose the bilateral compatibility with iPhone and Baha 5 Smart App, if you receive the below message you will need to seek further assistants from your Baha Hearing Centre/Hospital

    • There are some instances where your personalised programs and stored locations will be removed from the app and the REFIT question appears on the Smart App.

    They are:-

    1. If you have a follow-up with a hearing care professional and make changes to your program.
    2. if you pair a sound processor with a different serial number to your iPhone (e.g. after service and repair or upgrade)
      • click on the Cochlear Baha Hearing aid >> Forget this device) and repairing them to see if this prevents the ‘Refit’ problem in the Smart App.
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