• How do I download the Android Baha 5 Smart App?

    1. Go to your Apple App Store
    2. Search for Baha 5 Smart App
    3. Download Baha 5 Smart App, once downloaded App will appear on your home screen
    4. Ensure your Baha 5 sound processor is turned off
    5. Start the Baha 5 Smart App, view the Terms of Use and introductory tutorial slides (visible at first-time-use only)
    6. Turn on your Baha 5 sound processor to make it discoverable for 120 seconds. When pairing to two sound processors, turn them on simultaneously
    7. In the app, tap ‘Pair device’. The device will now search for, and present a list of all available, compatible sound processors
    8. In the list, tap on your sound processor, then select ‘Pair’. The app will now pair and connect to your sound processor. Once done, the Volume screen will be presented
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