• Listening to Music

    • personal audio cable, wireless Mini Mic 2+ (Line-In jack cable), wireless Phone Clip via Bluetooth.
    • personal audio cable + mains isolation cable, wireless TV Streamer, wireless Mini Mic 2+ (Placed next to speaker), wireless Mini Mic 2+ (Line-In jack cable) and please be aware that without an adaptor/splitter this option will cut out all audio for others.
      1. For listening to live music please use dedicated music programme if available, scan programme *if N6 or Kanso user; Should this programme not be available to you we recommend contacting your local Cochlear Implant Centre/Hospital.

    The Cochlear Nucleus System has a special music programme for all sound processors to enhance your musical experience. However hope notes is a music programme designed to support Cochlear Implant and Hearing Aid user improve music perception and appreciation using familiar tunes played in unexpected ways, through practice with this resource or through musical videos supported with visual lyrics.

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