• Water/Swimming Accessory - Aqua+

    *Aqua+ only available for N5 and N6

    What is the Aqua+ ?

    The Cochlear Aqua+ is a re-usable sealable cover that, when used with the Cochlear Aqua+ Coil, keeps your Cochlear Sound Processor (model number N5 and N6) dry during use in or around water (e.g. when swimming, surfing, or just having fun splashing around). It is worn behind the ear with your sound processor sealed inside.

    The Aqua+ is intended for use by recipients using the Nucleus 5 and 6 Sound Processor with rechargeable batteries. You must use rechargeable batteries for your sound processor to work inside Aqua+. Zinc air batteries will not work as they need air and there is no air inside Aqua+ when it’s sealed.

    The Aqua+ Coil is used in place of your usual coil while your sound processor is inside your Aqua+. It has a special plug that creates a seal when connected to your sound processor’s coil socket through the coil plug hole in Aqua+. As with your usual coil cable this must be inserted by pushing the coil cable and not screwing into your processor.

    *Aqua+ can be used at depths of up to 3 metres for up to 2 hours. Aqua+ can be re-used up to 50 times, but this may vary depending on your particular use of it.

    *Please Note

    • You cannot use your Nucleus 5/6 Sound Processor in Hybrid mode with Aqua+.
    • You cannot use your Nucleus 5/6 Sound Processor with any of the Cochlear retention accessories (e.g. Snugfit, LiteWear cable) with Aqua+.

    How to Use

    Carefully unplug your usual coil from the sound processor. Hold the coil cable grip and firmly pull it straight out of the processor.


    Do not pull on the coil cable or twist when you pull it out. Insert your sound processor into Aqua+ (leave your Earhook on).


    Be careful to avoid bending the Earhook, or detaching it from the sound processor.


    Insert the plug into the base of Aqua+. To make a good seal, push the plug in as far as it will go. Plug the blue Aqua+ coil (with magnet) straight into your sound processor through the hole in Aqua+. Grip the black ring on the coil connector. Do not twist. The coil plug should feel securely connected.

    If you’re concerned about losing your Aqua+, use one of these retention options: Safety Line clips to your clothing Mic Lock-Stirrup holds your processor on your ear. You can also consider using goggles around the head to secure Aqua+ or alternatively use a swimming cap for maximum retention.

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