• Pairing of TV Streamer

    1. Plug the power cable into the micro sub socket on your TV Streamer and connect it to wall power outlet.
    2. Plug the audio cable into the mini jack audio input socket on your TV Streamer and connect it to the audio source.
    3. The TV Streamer power indicator will light green.
    4. Turn off your sound processor/s
    5. Press the pairing button on your TV Streamer once (on the back of the TV Streamer left hand button)

    On the front of the TV Streamer the light will flash orange for 20 seconds. You must turn on your processor/s during this 20 second window to pair it with the TV Streamer. On your processor it will briefly flash blue to tell you pairing has been successful. To hear sound via your TV Streamer you need to stream audio

    • - Option 1: Using your remote assistant

    • Press and hold the telecoil button for 2 seconds then release,

    Your TV Streamer displays as an icon on the home screen.

    To stop streaming, tap the telecoil button.

    • From the home screen, press the right arrow button until you see the stream selection screen,

    scroll down the list to the channel you wish to use and press ok.

    To Stop Streaming, select off on the stream selection screen, then press ok.

    - Option 2: Using your remote control

    Press and hold the telecoil button for 2 seconds, then release.

    To stop streaming tap the telecoil button.

    - Option 3: Using your sound processor

    Press and hold the top button on your sound processor for 2 seconds then release. Your sound processor flashes a blue indicating streaming.

    To stop streaming, tap the top button on your sound processor.

    Once streaming has been activated, a 3-tone chime and a flashing blue light will be followed by streamed audio. When stopping streaming a short beep will be heard. This will return your sound processor to the last programme used.

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