• How do I download the Apple Baha 5 Smart App?

    1. Go to your Apple App Store
    2. Search for Baha 5 Smart App
    3. Download Baha 5 Smart App, once downloaded App will appear on your home screen
    4. You will now need to pair your Baha Sound Processor to your iPhone, to do this you will need to go to settings >> General>>Accessibility>>Scroll down to Hearing Devices.
      • If you are pairing bilateral sound processors, only one name will appear together with R + L.
      • In order to pair you will need to switch off your Baha Sound Processor off and then on again
      • Your Phone will then detect your Baha Sound Processor
      • You will then requested to pair the devices together. Important wait (and do not leave the pairing screen) for pairing confirmation to be heard before proceeding. A series of 6 beep tones will be heard, followed by a ripple tone approximately 20 seconds later (or wait for 120 seconds to be certain that the process has been completed).
      • You Baha Sound Processor and iPhone will be paired and can ow use your Baha 5 Smart App
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