• What are 'Coil Offs' and what is a good number of 'Coil Offs'?

    Coil Offs are the number of times the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor coil was disconnected from the cochlear implant in a given day. This number reflects all instances when the coil was deliberately removed (e.g. while changing clothes or while taking a shower) and also instances when the coil was disconnected unintentionally (i.e. accidently knocked off). A Coil Off may also be recorded if there is a problem with your coil cable.

    The number of Coil Offs varies for everybody, as it depends on your lifestyle. It is a good idea to establish your own baseline. You could use the average number of Coil Offs every week to get an understanding of what is normal for you or your child. Alternatively, you could make a note of the number of Coil Offs on a day when you are confident that there were no or minimal number of unintentional Coil Offs. You can use this baseline to determine if the number of Coil Offs you are seeing is higher than usual.

    Tips within the Nucleus Smart App can help you with suggestions to reduce the number of Coil Offs you experience.

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